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The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Chair Rentals

You said “yes,” so now what? Let the fun of wedding planning begin! When it comes to wedding planning, it’s all about the details - and that includes considerations like seating. What type of chairs is best for your Big Day? The answer will depend on your preferences and several other factors. We’ve broken it down for you here:

By Type

What comes to mind when you think of seating at a ceremony or reception? Folding chairs can be an attractive option because they are lightweight and easy to maneuver. Plus, they come in a wide range of color and materials, like vinyl, metal and upholstered. Durable, they will hold up well to the elements, which make them an excellent choice for outdoor ceremonies and receptions alike.

While folding chairs have their advantages, you’re not limited to this option. Stackable chairs are comfortable, ergonomic, and structurally solid, which means they’re ideal for more extended periods of sitting. The feature of a padded seat also adds another dimension of comfort. Mostly, you will get much more style and design from a stackable option enabling you to enhance your overall theme.

It should be mentioned that the guest list may dictate your choice of chairs, at least in part. For example, if you have older and/or disabled guests, they may require special consideration. Try to put yourself in their shoes. What would serve them best?

By Theme

Some brides dream of a rustic and simple motif, while others aspire to host a black-tie affair that screams of sophistication. For the former, you might consider the Cross Back Barn chairs or Rustic Metal chairs, which will contribute to a more relaxed vibe. A more upscale occasion will command a more refined look. In this case, Chiavari chairs, in mahogany, gold, or silver, will fit the bill. These Chiavari chairs have elegance, sophistication, and style.

By Location/Venue

Your options may be more limited or numerous, depending on the location of your ceremony and/or reception. For example, churches/reception halls will likely have some basic inventory and you may not have much say in the specifics. Other venues, however, may allow for more choice on the part of the bride and groom. It’s important to mention that while some facilities may provide basic chairs as part of the fee, they will grant the use of rental chairs instead. Moreover, some places don’t keep chairs on-site, so you may have to rent from a third-party source like AAYS Event Rentals.

Regardless of your chair selection, don’t get too hung up on the details. The day is about you as a couple and your love. The chairs will take a backseat (pun intended) to the occasion. Still, it’s fun to plan and dream up all the details. Know that we at AAYS Event Rentals are here to help you along the way. Stop by our showroom and we’ll walk you through some remarkable options!!