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Wedding Rental Essentials Sure to Take the Cake

From the invitations to the favors, brides today have more choices than ever in making their wedding their own. While we’ll let you focus on the finer points, we can help with the essentials so you can breathe a little easier. Here are some wedding decor staples that will make your ceremony and reception stand out apart from the crowd.

Wedding Tents...and more!

Outdoor ceremonies and receptions mean the often-unpredictable Mother Nature is added to the mix. You can plan everything but the weather, after all! Protect your guests from adverse weather with a tent or structure. Don’t forget about a liner and sides to add that special finishing touch. Related equipment, like LED lights and chandeliers, can also take the party to the next level.



What’s a reception without dancing? (Cue any Bruno Mars song.) Many venues may have a dance floor included, but outdoor venues can be the exception. Make way for fun with your choice of flooring options available for rent by the square foot.


Stage Rentals

Just like flooring, some venues may have stages while others might require you to rent one ad hoc. Whether or not you are planning to book a live band, stages can add another dimension to the ceremony or reception. Give your Maid of Honor, Best Man and DJ a dedicated space for toasts and special announcements. Bonus: the right skirt will make the stage look like it was curated, not an afterthought.



Consider the reception theme and level of formality. Will it be a sophisticated multi-course plated dinner? Or maybe more of a cocktail party? Perhaps a buffet? The nature of the reception will dictate the type of seating. For example, a farm table can really sell a rustic theme, while round and rectangular ones are appropriate for a more contemporary look and feel.  For that cocktail party feel, consider round bistro tables, the perfect size for drinks and hors-d'oeuvres.



As with table choice, chairs will need to reflect the intended mood. Wedding chairs come in all shapes and sizes, but Chiavari chairs are many event planners go-to because they easily lend style to function. Folding chairs get the job done, too. Versatile in nature, they work well for outdoor and indoor ceremonies/receptions alike.


Whatever you envision for your wedding, AAYS is certain to have the rental pieces you desire so you can focus on all the Instagram-worthy details. Now, take a deep breath and enjoy every little minute of the magic that comes with planning such a beautiful occasion. Stop by our showroom and we’ll walk you through some remarkable options!!

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