Heroic Customer Service...a source of pride here!

Others provide customer service. However, ours is flat out heroic and here's why. Customers can find themselves in precarious positions in the process of executing their events, and this is where our level of service rises above the others. Timing is critical; unforeseen circumstances enter the equation, final adjustments must be made, and the standard means of doing so may no longer be available – this is where you can count on us to make it happen. It is our experience that the success of our customers is the most essential part of the rental business. Therefore, heroics around here are just a part of the job and we pride ourselves on a job well done!

Focused On Details...no such thing as too small!

Being focused on the details is about being satisfied that any and all aspects of your event are met. For every event we do, thorough consideration is always given to every feature and every facet from every angle and every perspective. All phases of your event are put through a rigorous review by several members of our staff ensuring their completeness. Whether it’s in the items you are selecting to rent or the manner in which your event is to be set, you can rest assured we are focused on every little detail for you. Nothing is too small to escape our attention!

Our Attitude and Integrity...cannot be beat!

Just because something hasn’t been done before, does not mean it cannot be done! It is our attitude of “can do and will do” that makes us known for taking on the most challenging opportunities. So much of what we do is born out of innovative ideas. Our skill set is that of concept, to designing, and executing. Our team's sense of commitment and ownership of every event, making smart decisions and taking actions that ensure both the customers’ and AAYS’ success is why we are the leader in the rental industry. Integrity dictates that if something isn’t right, make it right. Because we are responsible, respectable, and reliable - in what we say and what we do - we do what it takes to make things right. You will always find our integrity cannot be beaten!

Safety Conscience...to no end!

Whether concerning the safety of our team or the safety of your event attendees, we never stop educating ourselves and purchasing the latest devices and highest quality rental equipment. We have every safety device required by the local municipalities for permits related to tented events. Regarding the safety of the tent itself, we are the only rental company in the area with tent structures that have the highest wind ratings in the industry. Safety is an ongoing measure we embrace with the degree of seriousness the rental trade deserves.

What Our Customers Say...