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The Ultimate Super Bowl Party Planning Guide

Whether you’re a sports fan or social butterfly (or both), a Super Bowl party is a great way to get friends and family together for food and company. When it comes to planning one for the books, things can seem complicated. Guests come hungry for food, drinks, and of course a great viewing experience. So, how then can you serve up the complete package without losing your mind in the process?

In an effort to make sure things go smoothly on Super Bowl Sunday, we’ve put together an essential checklist:


Set a menu (and execute)

The best parties are theme-centric. So, whether it’s Mexican, Italian, or an assortment of bar food favorites, a theme will help you stay focused. You might consider leaning on a local restaurant or grocery to cater it to take some of the burden off your shoulders.  If you’re having a potluck, assign a different type of dish to each of your friends. Don’t forget about the serving essentials! We offer chafers, serving trays, and more, to help you keep food hot (or cold) and fresh for the duration of the party.


Whatever direction you pursue, know that you don’t have to offer an Instagram-worthy spread. When in doubt, keep it simple. Unpretentious yet tasty items are sure to make a splash. The same goes for drinks. If you go the Mexican route, you might consider margaritas or beer. Just be sure to accommodate guests who might not drink the hard stuff. Water, iced tea and soda are great options to have on hand, too. And don’t forget to load up on ice! The only thing that’s really going to put a damper on the party is running out of ice.


Set yourself up for success

The food matters, but the viewing experience is also essential. Maybe you have a theater-like setup already. If you’re lacking in this area, you might consider upgrading your TV and sound system, or alternatively, renting one for the day.

Don’t forget about chairs and tables either. If you need to rent these items, we’re here to help.


Practice makes perfect

Any experienced party planner knows to test food and equipment out before the big day. So, make a point to give that dip a trial run to avoid any embarrassing fails. The same goes for electronics. Test out that new system out a few days before the party in case there are any bugs to work out.


By following these tips, we’re confident your Super Party game will be strong. Now let the fun begin!