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Raise Your Glasses! A Helpful Guide for Renting Glassware

Cheers! You can’t have a toast without a glass! At AAYS Event Rentals, we offer an impressive selection of glassware for a variety of occasions and budgets. You may be wondering how to plan for your event when it comes to drinkware. Following are a few ways to help you determine your needs:
Glassware Rentals

By Types

Is your event cocktail party chic or more of a casual buffet setup? We carry goblets, all-purpose glassware, stemware, and barware varieties to fit the intended mood.

By Quantities

If event planning isn’t your strong suit, you may have a hard time estimating the number of glasses needed. No sweat! A general rule of thumb is that a guest will use one glass per hour. So, in doing the math,  a 5-hour event with 100 guests will command 500 glasses. Easy peasy, right?

By Need

The nature of the event will dictate the type of food and drink served and therefore, the appropriate barware. For example, will you be serving just beer and wine, or will you offer a full bar? The latter will require more variety in size and style of vessel.

In general, glass is the preferred material for drinkware. It packs both form and function, as in wine glasses, for example, allowing wine drinkers to have an elegant experience by holding the stem without warming the wine.  You can also choose from regular glasses for water and soda and higher-end stem glasses for champagne, wine, brandy, and martinis. Bear in mind, your choice of glassware should suit the mood of your event.

If you want to leave your guests in awe, then you should consider investing in renting some fine glassware. We’re confident your event will be the talk of the town for years to come with special touches. We are here to make your event dreams come true with our stunning selections and variety. View our inventory of glasses here and take your pick.

You should also know that we offer more than just glassware. We are your one-stop-shop for all of your event rental needs in the Mishawaka area and beyond. While you’re on our website, check out our wide selection of tables, dinnerware, linens and more. Or better yet, stop by our showroom and we’ll walk you through some remarkable options! We’re at the ready to help you translate your vision into a reality.

Now let’s get that party started!