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Designing your industrial glam wedding

Rustic Weddings are giving way to a new trend. Industrial glam is taking the wedding industry by storm. Much like a rustic wedding, industrial glam juxtaposes the old with the new.

Rustic weddings are giving way to a new trend. The industrial glam wedding is taking the industry by storm. Much like a rustic wedding, industrial glam juxtaposes the old with the new. Century-old barns, wooden beams, and stone are replaced with brick, concrete, and steel as designers play with texture and color in the space. When done right, the result is a stunning scene straight out of the wedding magazines.

An Industrial Venue

the Brick


The first step and hardest part of pulling off industrial glam is securing the perfect industrial setting. As the image suggests, an empty warehouse, shutdown factory, or gutted building would serve as the ideal backdrop. Unfortunately dragging 100 guests to a dirty, condemned building with no electricity, in the heart of the inner city is not ideal and quite possibly illegal. Instead, look for local professional venues that have preserved the industrial look and feel of an old building and added modern conveniences without the dust, dirt, and dinge. A local favorite is The Brick in South Bend. A professional venue will also allow you to enjoy your day without worrying about logistics.

Adding the Wedding Glam

The industrial backdrop is usually a hardscape. Exposed brick walls, concrete floors, and metal beams with a weathered patina create the perfect setting for your big day. Pulling off the perfect scene means bringing softer, modern and chic elements into the space. Rustic wood tables contrast beautifully with hard concrete floors.


Bistro lighting floats beautifully underneath exposed heating ducts and piping creating a warm starry effect. Tabletop candles and centerpieces give an additional glow to accentuate the light from above. Glass chandeliers and soft draperies can provide a chic element to break up the iron and stone.

Focus On The Table


The tables will truly help blend the industrial with the glam. For the bridal party, vintage metal chairs lining a rustic farmhouse table will truly impress guests. Top the table with modern china, flatware, platinum rimmed stemware, and matching linens. Pristine white roses set in hammered steel vases help further soften the look.


For the guest tables, mix it up with round banquet style seating. Plush metal-backed chairs and textured linens can provide the base for beautiful floral centerpieces. A modern place setting with square white plates, brushed stainless flatware and beaded silver chargers provide elegance for the occasion. Add a personal touch for your guests with custom seat place cards.


Finishing Out Your Industrial Glam Wedding

Once you have the backdrop, lighting, and tables set, your industrial glam wedding is almost complete. All that’s left is to tie everything together with some fabulous floral arrangements and a gorgeous wedding cake. Simple, modern and elegant all fit in well here and can add pops of color to an otherwise drab palette. Carry out the theme with matching invitations and a delicious catered menu. Your wedding is certain to be an experience your guests are sure to remember. As always, the professionals at AAYS are available to help plan your big day. Contact us to make your wedding an epic event!

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