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Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks For Your Big Day

Is your big day fast approaching, and you are full of worries? Here are some wedding planning tips and tricks for your big day!

Planning a wedding and having the day go smoothly as planned can be a hectic task, but can also be the most enjoyable time of your life if properly planned.

It is the first major project that you will plan and execute together. It is an opportunity to learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and know how to blend them together for a successful wedding.

You can make this planning less hectic and more fun, and improve chances of a beautiful wedding day with a few wedding planning tips and tricks.

Get yourself a wedding planner

Do you plan on inviting 500 guests, holding a reception at a golf course 20 miles from the church, and finally having an evening party at the newest club in town?

There are a lot of arrangements to do, especially if you are both full-time career persons. You will need professional help.

One of our wedding planning tips: the first thing is to engage professional wedding consultation services to work out the details and the budget. And, you could ask the consultant to be your wedding planner.

Luckily, many wedding planners offer a package for everything needed; venue, rental items, decorations, cake, and catering.  This will lift a big load off your shoulders, leaving you to supervise the readiness.

Get a close coordinator


Wedding planning tips to choose a close coordinator

A wedding planner is a professional who is not conversant with Uncle John’s preference for Scotch over Irish, or dad’s averseness to seating in the front passenger seat.

Another of our wedding planning tips: get a coordinator who knows the people who will be at the wedding. This could be a family member or a long-time friend who wants nothing more than to ensure your wedding is spectacular!

This coordinator can work with the wedding planner to work out the finer details that make a big difference to your guests.

Do working dates

Journeyman Distillery Cake Photocouple holding hands on a date

The planning may get so hectic such that you might forget why you are doing the wedding, which is to spend your lives together.

You should continue enjoying each other’s company, and build the romance up to the wedding day.

If you are tied down by your day jobs, turn the vendor appointments into romantic dates.

You can meet with the various wedding vendors, for items such as your florals and cake, early in the evening, and enjoy a date night dinner after doing away with business.

This will take the work out of this romantic period of your life.

Always reconcile with your budget

There are so many things you want to do to make your wedding fun; invite a band, feed the guests oysters, or serve 12-year Scotch.

But, remember to stay within your budget.

Work with your wedding consultant to substitute these expensive needs where possible, while keeping the idea.

Plan for fun

Journeyman Distillery Equipment Bride and GroomJourneyman Distillery Whiskey PourJourneyman Distillery Equipment Fun Photo

There are surprisingly unique ideas that can be fun.

Take your wedding away from the ordinary to somewhere more memorable and photogenic like the local distillery. The Journeyman Distillery is a unique and popular wedding venue that fits the bill! We hear they're adding a putting green this summer which will be available for weddings as well.

Something like a whiskey, wine, or beer tasting event at the local distillery/winery/brewery is a fun idea your guests will enjoy.

It is your day

Remember that it is your big day.

In the end, your happiness is all that matters.

It is Ok to make your guests have a memorable day, but you are entitled to a happy and memorable day as well.

Do what you can within your budget, ensure everything is in place, and prepare to have a big happy wedding.