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Vintage Wedding Ideas

The popularity of vintage weddings has taken a turn for the good in the past few years. While vintage weddings were never really out of fashion and have always remained a relatively popular theme, people are more than ever willing to have a creative and nostalgic touch to their special day.

The beauty of a vintage themed wedding is such that it feels like home and touches upon the nostalgia factor with the use of deco sparkle, antique notions, and lace. Whether you're going for a Great Gatsby-like theme for your wedding and you're just a sucker for a 1930 inspired Art Deco luxury, a vintage wedding will always be a beautiful and cherishable memory for the rest of your life. Creating the perfect vintage wedding fantasy involves making sure that every element of the wedding from your outfits to the venue to the decor are all somewhat in sync with the theme and therefore contribute to the overall look and vibe of the wedding. Make sure to carefully consider all your options and see that they're not just following the vintage aesthetic but also serving practical purposes and that will create a good environment for all the guests.

The following is a list of the few beautiful and nostalgia-inducing elements you can add to your wedding theme for a special and memorable day!

Perennial Florals

Vintage flowers options are time-honored and exude romance, such as hydrangeas, peonies, and roses. Soft blooms that create a blousy look work well with antique nostalgia and let’s not forget the baby’s breath era of the 1960’s.

Make sure that the floral choices you make complement the rest of your theme instead of clashing with it and hence ending up being more of an eyesore than anything else.

Old-time Table Décor

Adding a vintage touch to your centerpieces will lend to the impression you're looking for. Using a combination of antique vases and lace lanterns are just some of the vintage elements that can make your wedding more aesthetically tuned and hence memorable.

Ever seen Candelabras not delivering beauty and class? Candelabras add a touch of grace and vintage to your wedding that cannot be achieved with any other tweak to the setup!


Romantic Cakes

If you're opting for a full vintage look, you'll have to make sure everything within sight complies with the theme, including (or especially) the cake. Follow a similar line of thinking as with florals, and romantic, soft touches are the way to go. Cakes can be styled with pearls, brooches, and antique cameos, as well.


Regal Place Settings

China and glassware selections can make or break your vintage theme. Vintage inspired china can be made even more stunning with gold-rimmed or beaded chargers. Cut-glass stemware will always be associated with yesteryear looks. For a pop of color, choose colored glassware. Your guests will feel as if they’ve been transported back in time!

Place Setting Napkin and Silver Ring


Stately Tables & Seating

 As with all other elements making up your wedding venue, the tables, linens, and chairs must also be entirely in sync with the vintage theme and elude a sense of royalty, charm, and grace. The type of table you use will also depend on the venue space and number of guests you have, however, it is aesthetically pleasing to use variable sizes and shapes.

The linens draping your tables and making for a lot of the color inside the venue must be chosen in sync with the vintage theme. Linens come in so many selections today that they will be a snap to incorporate. Look for styles in soft tones, or use lace overlays, and don’t be afraid to reach for the velour to bring in a luxurious regal feel.

The same will hence apply to chairs too. You may like the stately look of Chiavari chairs or the old-time design of a cross back chair. White padded folding chairs are a must for outdoor weddings, enhancing a garden-like feel of times gone by. Just make the selection based on your own vision, aesthetic and budget for the wedding.



Throwback Transportation

You can arrive in style with a vintage vehicle. Maybe you’ve gone the route of Great Gatsby and a jalopy fits the bill. It could be that a particular make and model is sentimental to you or your family history. Whatever the case, it’s not only a form of transportation, it’s a spectacular prop. Imagine the photo moments for you and your guests!



Your outfits!

Last but not the least by any means, the theme of a wedding won't be fully validated until the bride and the groom choose to dress accordingly. Make sure every little detail about your look and your outfit for the day, including your hairstyle and your makeup, is following the vintage theme at least to a decent extent. If you're trying to go really full swing with the concept, make sure the bridesmaids comply too and actually finish out the look.

While you must not feel restricted in your outfit choices just because it has to include the vintage theme, do allow at least a little bit room for the theme to be incorporated into your outfits. Dress fabulously, but just theme it a little. Something as simple as your headdress can provide enough wow-factor to carry you through! Whether it’s the mantilla veil, the birdcage veil, or a headpiece with retro hairstyling, it is sure to make a vintage statement.