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Survival Guide for Planning a Company Event

The annual company picnic, corporate meeting, and/or the holiday party are all tradition for many businesses, they represent a time to give your employees and their families an unforgettable experience in a creative way. But how can you prevent the inevitable hustle and bustle of endless logistics: finding a venue, entertainment, activities, and food? Below is an AAYS Event guide to creating a stress-free, fun, and memorable event/picnic for your staff.

The Invites

The very first step is deciding who to invite.

This decision affects the other decisions you will be making for this event.

Will you include just staff, their significant others, or their entire families?

In order to make successful accommodations for your picnic or company event, you will need to first have a head count and know who your target audience will be.

For example:

If you are a large company like Whirlpool, you know an annual meeting only happens once a year, therefore you want to be sure it's a memorable affair!

So, you would most likely want to consider a structure tent to provide maximum floor space for a large group.

Knowing this information instantly makes the incorporation of bars, buffets, staging for entertainment a given.

And, naturally, you'll need ample seating.

While we don't design your invitations, [more about the actual invites later], AAYS Event Rental can help guide you and offers all the rental supplies you need to be the hero of the company party.

AAYS’ Survival Guide for Planning a Company Picnic - Inviting the C-Suite from Whirlpool - Company Event Planning

The Time

Think about the following questions when determining what time to have your company golf outing, team building event, Christmas Party.

Will it take place during work hours?

Do you have employees that have already requested off certain dates for vacations/personal time?

If you are keeping it small to just your staff, a picnic during the week may be a refreshing break in your employee’s workweek.

However, if you plan to include your staff’s family members, consider having the party after work hours or on a weekend, as Saturday afternoons are typically the most convenient time to host a family picnic.


AAYS’ Survival Guide for Planning a Company Picnic - Corporate Party Event Picnic

The Venue

Deciding on a new location for your company picnic each year adds some variety to what could be a mundane work atmosphere.

Consider your budget before perusing event/picnic venues to see what else will be needed at each location.

AAYS Event Rentals is the perfect place to start your search for budget-friendly ideas.

From smaller Patio Party rentals to larger Group Events, AAYS Event Rentals can provide you with whatever you need for your corporate dinners, staff celebrations, and company picnicking needs.

Concerned about the weather?

AAYS can also provide you with a tent/tents suitable for your group.


AAYS’ Survival Guide for Planning a Company Picnic - Company Golf Outing - Company Event Planning













The Activities

Once you have selected your venue, you will then be able to gauge what sort of activities you can provide your audience.

Team-building activities, games, rides, sports, crafts, and even karaoke are just some of the many activities you could arrange.

Do you need a few tables for a competition? How about a border or boundary lines for the next relay race?

AAYS has a variety of products from which to choose.

However, no matter what you decide, an agenda, whether distributed or discussed at the start of the picnic, is encouraged.


tables chairs set up at Notre Dame picnic

The Entertainment

Artists, clowns, magicians, acrobats, comedians, bands, and DJ’s are all different kinds of entertainers you could hire for your picnic.

But remember, both the activities and entertainment should reflect who you are inviting.

Having a raffle or drawing is often a universal highlight of a company event.

Whether you are giving away money, gift cards/certificates, or even company gear—if you select items that most people would enjoy winning, and your picnic will be a hit!


AAYS’ Survival Guide for Planning a Company Picnic - Corporated Party Event Themes












The Theme

Now that you have the above items checked off your list, incorporating a fun theme into your venue, activities, decorations, and food can be a fun way to add a unique twist to your picnic.

Having a dance-themed party?

Try renting a dance floor to make your employees want to grab their dancing shoes!

Have an 80’s cover band scheduled to play? Transform your picnic into a concert with a stage for them to perform!

Other possible themes could be a beach party, western, casino, or circus…the opportunities are endless.


AAYS’ Survival Guide for Planning a Company Picnic - Corporated Party Event invites












The Invitations

If you decided on a theme, you could use this as an opportunity to promote your picnic and invite your staff in a creative way.

Forgo the conventional email and newsletter, and instead, send out themed invitations to each employee and their family.

Display posters around the office, or even make a private website promoting the event.

Your efforts will not go unnoticed!


AAYS’ Survival Guide for Planning a Company Picnic Food

The Menu

This is probably one of the most important decisions to be made for your picnic.

Do you plan to hire a caterer, or ask all of your employees to contribute?

Do you want to go the traditional route of classic barbecue, or put a twist on the taste buds?

Again, if you have a theme, this is the time where you can be creative with your food choices.

If having a casino theme, consider having finger foods and hors d’oeuvres.

For a western theme, perhaps some old-fashioned southern cooking is the way to go.

No matter if you decide on a plated feast or quick and easy appetizers prepared by all, AAYS can help with your serving needs.


AAYS’ Survival Guide for Planning a Company Picnic - Tailgate - ND traditional Company celebration

The Traditions

Having a themed company picnic is great.

However, it is encouraged to still pay homage to the classic “picnic staples” that your staff has come to know and love.

Whether your company has an annual kickball game, a favorite side dish or dessert, or even a mini-bar, traditions of your company’s picnic should remain intact. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

Your annual company picnic should help make your employees have a memorable time, filled with connecting with one another, meeting friends/family of old and new, team-building, and creating memories that will last for years to come.

Using AAYS Event Rentals and the tips mentioned above can help show your pride in your company, and your staff will, in turn, take pride in working for you.