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A Pinterest Worthy Easter Brunch Made Easy

After a long winter, a spring celebration is in order. And Easter is the perfect occasion to gather friends and family for food, drink, and laughter. Here’s how to plan an Easter brunch to rival Martha Stewart—and do it without a lot of stress.

Plan ahead

Church goers will likely have services in the morning, so you need to make sure your timeline accommodates those plans. Talk with your potential guests to create a rough schedule. A 11 am or noon start time should work for a brunch, since it will allow people to fulfill their religious and family obligations and work up an appetite!


Make a guest list

Will it be an intimate group or a larger gathering? It’s really up to you (and any space constraints, of course.) Pressed for time? Make your life a little easier by using e-vites. Many services allow for customization and are intuitive to use.


Focus on the food

Once you have RSVPs for your brunch, sit down and create a menu and grocery list based on the guests and their age, preferences and dietary restrictions. (For example, when catering to kids you might consider finger foods and nothing too rich. Lactose intolerant or gluten-free people may require special dishes.)


Regardless of the variety or extent of your menu, the secret behind every poised host or hostess is making dishes in advance, when possible. After all, you don’t want to feel rushed on Easter morning. Consider the following fabulous make-ahead options:



So, clear your schedule Saturday afternoon and you’ll be glad you divided up the work.


Get your house in order

Nothing motivates homeowners to clean house like hosting a party. If time allows, give your home the weekly treatment the day before or bring in help if the job is too overwhelming.


Once you check this off your list, it’s time to set up for the brunch. We highly recommend renting the china, flatware, glassware, and even the linens! Imagine how a spring-themed tablecloth or runner can add real zest to your tablescape. This makes clean-up a breeze! Simply rinse and you’re done.


With a little planning, it’s possible to host a high-end celebration your guests will love without hours of work and last-minute headaches. Whether a large or small gathering, AAYS is certain to have the rental pieces you desire so you can focus on enjoying your guests.