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Outdoor Corporate Events Done Right

Summertime, sweet summertime! Outdoor corporate events, while a nice change in scenery, call for more planning and foresight than traditional indoor ones because the weather is the extra variable. No fear; you’ve got this! Keep these considerations in mind, and you’ll minimize stress and set yourself up for success!

Set a theme

Will your event be a laid-back family-friendly picnic or more of an upscale adults-only affair, like a wine and cheese night? Once you determine the vibe, you can move on to the details, like venue, menu development, and decor.

Consider city or county policies

Will your event be on site or elsewhere? Some municipalities call for a permit even if the event is held on public grounds. Apply for one as soon as you’ve finalized the details in order to avoid any bureaucratic snafus. Similarly, you’ll need to make yourself aware of noise ordinances, as well as fire and safety codes.

Map out the logistics

Do you plan to host the event in an already existing outdoor facility? That can streamline planning and execution. On the other hand, if you plan to go with a less commercialized space (like a public park), there’s a good chance you’ll be responsible for all the details. Think everything from A/V equipment to food.

You can’t over-prepare in this case. Many event planners find it helpful to take photos of the venue and use those as a visual to map out the layout. How and where will the equipment be loaded in? Where will food and drink be placed? Entertainment? Your map will need to take into consideration power sources. If these are at a premium, you may need to bring in generators.

Ensure the comfort of guests

Will your event be held in the middle of the summer heat? That brings its own set of challenges, like the risk of dehydration. Have a steady supply of drinking water and/or drinking fountains spread all around the venue. Consider renting portable air conditioners or fans, too.

In addition to heat, summer is associated with bugs. Keep cans of light scent (such as aloe) repellant handy and incorporate tiki torches, and decorative citronella candles. Decorative chafing dishes can keep the food protected while still looking classy. Sunblock is another essential to have on hand. It’s not a bad idea to have a first aid kit at the ready.

Plan for weather

The most common reason to cancel outdoor events is inclement weather. If there’s a lot at stake, you can consider buying weather insurance. It’s helpful to start monitoring the weather as far in advance as possible so you can adjust plans accordingly. Also, keep the wind in mind. Lightweight items will need to be secured.

While you can’t predict bad weather, you can plan for such an event. Many of our tent rentals have sidings available that can be closed in case of wind or rain.

Taking into account your timeline, budget, and company culture, there's an outdoor party idea that's perfect for your team. Use this as a starting point to spark your creativity, and we can help you take it from there.



Still not sure what kind of party you should throw? Survey your employees! They'll appreciate that you care and feel more invested in the outcome.


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