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How to Plan a Killer St. Paddy’s Day Bash

Whether you’re a wee bit Irish or don’t claim any Irish ancestry at all, you can still enjoy the fun of planning a St. Paddy’s Day themed party. We've got everything covered, from A to Z. Whether you're planning a small get-together with a few friends or a neighborhood block party, you'll find some inspiration here. Let's get started!

Get decorating

Set the mood with some fun decor. There's no need to go crazy, but some green party cups, a string of shamrocks and an eye-catching wreath or door decoration will help set the mood.

Floral pieces can bring an element of class to the party. For the dinner table, consider a green or green-and-white arrangement. Bonus, if you can somehow incorporate the Spring Squill, a blue, star-shaped flower that is native to Ireland.


Let the booze flow

What would a St. Patrick's Day party be without adult beverages of some kind! Your first choice should be a keg of Guinness, of course. (Forget the green beer.)  You might want to read up on how to pour a pint, as it’s both an art and a science.

If beer isn’t your bag, consider novelty cocktails. Staying with the green theme, consider adding Crème de Menthe, Apple Liqueur or even a classic Mojito to the menu. For flavors, pull in sweet flavor profiles like kiwi, lime, mint, and apple.


Get your snack on 

A good host or hostess knows how to take the party to the next level with food. We suggest dazzling them with desserts. If you’re a baker, you might make a batch of shamrock cookies (or have the catered by your local bakery). Shamrock shake cupcakes are sure to be a hit, too. Boozy Guinness cupcakes will no doubt appeal to guests who enjoy both beer and sweets.


Cut the Celtic beats

Get your guests in the mood with some lively Irish tunes. Pro tip: Tourism Ireland released the ultimate St. Patty's Day playlist on Spotify that you can stream for free. Amazon Prime members might find a selection of curated favorites from the Emerald Isle as well.


Invite your guests!

Invite your friends in style with either an email invitation or printed postcard. Whether you go electronic or traditional will depend on the formality of the event and the preferences of your guests. (For example, older guests may prefer a paper invitation instead of an email.)


As always, don’t forget we’re here to help take some of the stress out of party planning with our selection of items available for rent.