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Budget-friendly Graduation Party Ideas

Let’s face it, this monumental moment – as reflected by the famous song and matching hats – deserves celebrating, no doubt. However, the expense of such a gesture should not set you back financially, in other words, send you to the poor house! We’ve come up with a few things for the modern graduates’ celebration that will keep the budget in check and will have attendees asking just how you came up with such amazing ideas!

These graduation party ideas will not only help you manage your expenses, but you might even find more than a few guests so caught-up in having fun they're live-streaming on Snapchat (or other social media apps) right from your party!


This one is catching on in popularity for sure! High school graduates have many friends as proven by their Facebook pages. However, they only have a couple of friends with whom they are super-close, some might say, with whom they're inseparable. Why not double-up the party effort by teaming together with another graduate? In doing so, the budget can be nearly cut in half or even doubled, depending on how you want to look at it. Most likely these friends share the same guest list, and by adding each of the families, you’re sure to have super turnout!

Friends Holding BannerTwo Girlfriends

Party's Out Back!

Doesn’t get any better than this! It is a perfect opportunity to keep the muss and fuss outside because everyone loves outdoor events. The timing lines up with the warmer weather, things are blooming, and the grass is that lovely green you can only equate to springtime. It is recommended, however, that you plan for rain-or-shine so you’ll want to rent a tent to keep the crowd covered. Sure, you could have it installed, but at a price. Why not grab a couple of those graduates and set it up for yourself?! AAYS has tents (and tables & chairs) for customer pickup that fit the bill and easy step-by-step setup instructions that anyone could do. Check out this DIY Tent Setup video. You can even download a user guide with different tent styles from which to choose.

Graduation Tent table and chairs

Fire-up The Grill!

It is the time of year when the smell of something great on the grill automatically puts you in the mood for some all-out fun. Add to that, the benefit of saving the expense from having to cater the priciest part of your menu. Keeping it simple with burgers and dogs is easily done when you dress the rest of the table with fun food ideas that incorporate the graduate theme. Pulling this off will not affect the overall look and feel of your party - so go for it!

Grilling burgers and hotdogs

Hashtag It!

Coming up with a hashtag is like second-nature to these social creatures. Have your graduate make up a hashtag for their graduation bash and add it to your décor for everyone to see as soon as they arrive. Like #AmandasGradBash or #Nick2018. Everyone can use your hashtag when posting on social media and you’ll have a great way to look back at the day. Along with your hashtag, check for “graduate-specific” fun Snapchat filters too. It’s the modern graduate's way to commemorate their party! Click here for the free IfYouInstagram printable.

Instagram hashtag image

Photo Booth Fun!

Your guests won’t be able to get enough of this! Why not add a little backdrop, for those selfies everyone wants to take along with your graduate, to create an instant photo booth? There are so many fun ideas for making-your-own photo booth and props, but we love the idea of a chalkboard photo booth – where you paint the backdrop with some chalkboard paint and voila! Then you can draw out your theme with the year and inspiring thoughts, or have guests write well wishes for our future leader's journey into the hereafter! Check out these Pinterest boards for more great ideas!

Graduation Party Ideas Chalkboard Photo BoothGraduation Photo Booth Friends With Props